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SEINAA Feature Overview
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Manage your practice with our all-in-one, fully customizable EMR software

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Practice Management

Easily access appointments, view your clinic's workflow, communicate with staff, all through a centralized location

Manage doctor or clinic schedules, using customizable appointment types and durations

Automatically assign patients to medical staff or rooms upon their arrival and effectively balance loads to maintain efficiency

Monitor your clinic's performance using customizable reporting and analytics tools

Easily retrieve patients' contact information, medical history, forms, and appointment details through patient profiles

Customizable patient portal allows you to give patients limited access to the system. Depending on your configuration, allow them to schedule appointments, request prescription renewals, fill in forms, or communicate with medical staff

Reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders to patients via their preferred contact method

Medical Consultation

Patient Engagement

Hospital Staff

Staff Management

Control how different staff members use the system through the use of staff profiles. These role based profiles can be configured to give different users different views of the system

Easily track working hours, generate payrolls, and review time off requests using the HR module

Manage and schedule employees with different role types across multiple clinic locations

Allow staff to communicate with each other using the social suite, including starting conversations, sending group messages, and assigning tasks

Automatically request new orders of medical clinic supplies based on your updated inventory count 


Manage return orders and relocate supplies between different clinics based on demand levels

Track, locate, and manage business assets, such as clinic equipment, tools, and office equipment

Add and view medicine description and prescription information for reference and educational purposes 


Inventory Management


Revenue Cycle Management

Bill provincial or private insurance in real time with minimal human intervention, reducing errors. Add multiple types of insurance to a patient profile.

Leverage an intelligent billing module to maximize revenue generation per claim

Setup your financial accounts, as per your bookkeeper or accountant. Automatically create accounting ledger records as per your requirements

Automatically generate payrolls for staff at each pay day

Speed up the referral process by communicating directly with referrers through the referrer portal

Ensure accurate diagnosis by interchanging appointment encounters with referrers

Exchange consultation reports with referrers directly through the referrer portal

Utilize the direct booking system to save time and avoid inaccuracy when you get referred a patient

Doctor's Clinic

Referrer Portal

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